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15. dec 2014 kl. 0:53

This is the worst store ever: do never buy something there. I'm publising the same comments on different website so that I hope someone will read it !!! I went there to by a gamer headset, and this was a gift for my boyfriend. When we opened it we found that the microphone had something wrong. On the box, it was showing a microphone with a jack plugm, but that was not the case of the one inside the box (it was even broken). So we went to the store (I bought the garanty on it just in case) and there, they told us that they cannot do anything because it was not the "original" microphone: apparently there was a default. No reumbursement, no replacement, nothing. And when we asked to use the garantie, they told us that the garanty was only working for the headset itself and not for the microphone. How convenient is that ! Therefore, we ended up with a unusable microphone and nothing in return!!!

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