Amager Fiskehus

Holmbladsgade 3
2300 København S
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32 57 79 89
55.6642038, 12.6013966
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    08.30 - 17.30
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    08.30 - 17.30
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    08.30 - 17.30
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    08.30 - 18.00
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    08.00 - 13.00
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19. jul kl. 18:46

I went to buy a fish at this Amager fiskehus last week, and I was assisted by a black haired, middle aged white women.
She was very rude, bully and racist.

She made a hand gesture to indicate “Oh, you are a stupid person” to me.
Then, she told her colleague that how stupid he is (that is “me” a customer) and she laughed at me very openly.

She then came over to the casher with a fish I ordered and once again she said something to her colleagues about me and laughed at me while she was directly looking at me…

I don’t believe she would behave in this manner if I was a white danish person.
Because she saw me being as Asian or possibly greenlandic. So she was comfortable enough to bullied me and laughed at me in front of her colleagues.

Maybe she might not be a racist? Then definitely she would be a rude and bully person, and hence she should not be working and serving for customers.

Every time when I think about her rude bullying laugh, it makes me so sad and depressed...

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